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Near the burial, Chinese ceramic shards of the Northern Song period from kilns in Fujian or Zhejiang suggest that the grave dates to the tenth to twelfth century. AP: The accidental discovery of a hoard of gold objects in Magroyong by Edilberto Morales, who was driving a motorized scraper for a government irrigation project at the time, ultimately had an enormous impact on our understanding of the power and sophistication of the Kingdom of Butuan between the tenth and eleventh centuries CE. In 1981, a hoard of gold objects was accidentally discovered in the village of Magroyong in the southern Philippines by the late archaeologist-collector Cecilia Y. Archaeologist Warren Peterson and his team excavated six graves in the site called Masago near present-day Butuan City in 1981.I want to know how past humans used marine and aquatic environments and resources.I am also interested in applied archaeology by engaging in creative communications with different media platforms and developing educational modules for museum and off-campus experience for the kids.Given the Philippines' rich history -- its precolonial/colonial past up to its current issues -- the question of identity has become the subject of ongoing discussion and debate.This issue is naturally tied up to questions on Philippine Heritage -- what forms our heritage and what is there to protect and conserve?Without a proper understanding of our identity and heritage and the proper analysis and transmission of data related to these concepts, we fail to maximize knowledge that may contribute to the country's economic growth and unite us as a nation.

This archaeological record of shellfish remains and technology supports the resourceful and resilient adaptive capacity of those early islanders capable of adjusting to pressures due to changing environmental conditions.This research will discuss the legal aspect of heritage valuation and how it is reflected in the Philippine education system.It will study the limitations of the existing organisation and demonstrate how a combination of design and progressive educational approaches enables an effective and holistic experience in studying Philippine heritage for the proper utilisation of both tangible and intangible resources.On the side, I am moonlighting as a program developer in non-government organizations, an environment conservation and indigenous and cultural rights advocate while organizing music gigs and doing some recreational, outdoor stuff... and yeah - I love bikes, hats/head gears, gadgets, bass and percussion instruments, AND I collect miniature boats :p Shell artefacts in Island Southeast Asia have often been considered local variants of ground-stone implements, introduced in the Late Pleistocene from Mainland Southeast Asia.

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