Dating the iceman worksheet

The carbon-dating led scientists to place his death around 5,300 years ago.Of course, this date would be problematic for biblical creationists since it would mean that he lived prior to the Flood.

In 2001 a radiologist studying the original CT scans of Ötzi noticed something everyone else had assumed was a bone.This is one find that changes forever what we think about the past.The mind that can create that copper ax is practically, and for all purposes, the same mind that can create a computer, a circuit board. This is no surprise to biblical creationists who have been saying for years that ancient man was just as intelligent as modern man.PBS recently aired an intriguing documentary (first aired in 2011) covering an investigation into the death of earth’s oldest cold case.

Ötzi, named for the Ötztal Mountains in which he was discovered just 100 yards from the border of Austria and Italy in September 1991, is believed to be the oldest intact human body ever found.

But others are nomadic hunters, still depending on wild game for survival.