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Most women over 50 have been in relationships with men who don't care much about what they have to say. For 10, 20, 30 years, the men in their lives have been blathering on about themselves and not listening. Maybe it's the journalist in me who always preferred interviewing to being interviewed. I ask questions that make it clear I have heard what they say and want to hear more. I've done lots of cool things, worked for Tom Hanks and for governors and CEOs and climbed mountains and such. Respect her choices and she’ll respect you for that. With an Indian girl, it is not really easy to demarcate though.Never compare her with your mother/sister/ex-girlfriend/friend. Girls, in general don’t take it well when they’re compared to another woman. But if you know her enough, this shouldn’t be a problem.She could be a modern, independent, working woman who doesn’t really believe in old traditions and values, but deep down, her heart beats for all things .Don’t take it too fast or you will get unexpected speed-breakers which will hamper what could have been the ultimate relationship.Later, when she comes to know the real you, she will realize that she fell for someone who you’re not.

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Allowing her to be herself is the best thing you could do, to make her feel loved. She wants that pricey engagement ring or wedding dress, but the more you stay with her, the more you strengthen the nascent string of faith that connects you guys.Involve her in talks concerning your family and friends and she’ll know you’re not just another frog that she has to kiss before meeting her Prince Charming Be concerned about her work/family matters if she involves you and talks to you about them. If she is sharing those details with you, shower her with support and tell her she has a shoulder to lean on in case she needs it.There is nothing better than knowing that someone will be there to talk it out, at the end of a not-so-good day.Talk as much as possible about things which matter to you, or to her.

Conversations keep the spark in a relationship alive.

Far too many women over 50 are unhappy with the dating world, especially the Internet dating world. I almost always enjoy the date, whether it leads to a second one, a 10th one, a relationship, or whether we say goodbye after two hours together.

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