Dating vintage costume jewelry

I'm not yet certain this signature is from this time period, but strongly suspect so.Circa mid 70s to mid-80s: Copyright and registration trademarks began to appear on Chanel costume jewelry around the time Alain Wertheimer took control of Chanel in 1974.

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There is no authentic Chanel costume jewelry with the Chanel signature in script.1950s through 1960s: Gabrielle re-opened her boutique on Rue Cambon in 1954.Its beautiful rhinestone studded figural jewelry, such as Weiss butterflies and insects, is avidly sought by collectors.Also desirable is Weiss "black diamond" jewelry replicating the German smoky quartz, set in typical Weiss designs.The signature plate typical of the mid-70s to early 80s includes the signature CHANEL CC MADE IN FRANCE stamped on a round plate or sometimes on the piece itself.

The CHANEL is accompanied on either side by copyright and registration trademark.

As previously, much of her costume jewelry was designed and produced to accompany her clothing.