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My project aims to bring out the tensions that arise in Vergil’s poetry between the local Italian and Roman civic perspectives and the subsequent struggle local Italian populations must have undergone to make sense of these identities.In particular, I argue that Vergil, in his treatment of issues such as nationhood, foreignness, duality, and competition in the Eclogues, Georgics, and Aeneid, privileges the Italian over the Roman, allowing the local point of view to emerge as a primary voice in his poetry.When Lucan set out to write an epic account of the civil war between Pompey and Caesar, he had a number of textual predecessors to draw on, including Caesar’s own account of that very war.And yet despite the numerous points of convergence between the two texts and despite Lucan’s own demonstrable fascination with Caesar as historical actor and historical author, the question of Lucan’s reception of Caesar remains a crucial gap in modern scholarship. In the Renaissance, for example it seems to have been unthinkable to examine the work of one without recourse to the other; and even more suggestively, many scholars of that time seem to have found within Lucan’s stridently anti-tyrannical epic a Caesarist voice.This research integrates published evidence from suburban and semi-rural cemeteries with current methods from archaeothanatology.By investigating the state of the human remains at the time of reopening and the time between depositions, my argument centers around the ways in which the addition of individuals and the manipulation of human skeletal elements could create and maintain inter-generational corporeal connections between the deceased and the living.

These pillars represent the commitment from each fraternity and sorority to the values of our community.The Hospital Authority, Board of Health, County Commission, other boards, physicians, and other providers will act in unison guided by a common vision and with collaboration.These leaders will also collaborate with communities outside Miller County to build a strong sustainable system of healthcare.Late Roman houses have been the object of numerous studies, but these have largely overlooked relationships between urban houses, their interaction with public spaces, and changes in those relationships over time.