Dating whiting and davis purses

The pair shown below of Chaplin and Marion Davis were sold at Doyle Auction of New York May 3, 2001 for $3000. extraordinary Renee Adoree bag was auctioned in March 2006.Check page 54 of "Whiting & Davis Purses" by Pina & Johnson for details and pictures.The Charlie Chaplin bag was appraised on the 9/15/03 edition of Antiques Roadshow for $650.

These items included: kids toys, piano rolls, recordings, sheet music, Moxie Candy, loving cups, china and silverware given away at civic events, lap boards for picnics, fans featuring silent movie stars of the era, and massive national advertising in printed media.Many of these ads featured stars of film, stage, and sports celebrities, not unlike what we see on the tube these days. Cohan were amongst the many celebrities who made Moxie ads.In the early 60's, even Ted Williams was a spokesperson for Moxie. But there are few examples to match these examples of the drastic changes history can bring to such a seemingly apolitical object as a lady's handbag.In their brilliant colors of gold and silver and white pearl these Whiting & Davis bags make rich gifts rich but not costly, as pricing them at your favorite bag department or jeweler will prove.

Ask to see them." (Vogue November 15, 1937, page 128) In 1976, to celebrate their 100th Anniversary, the Company produced The Heritage Collection.

When the bag was produced as part of the Delysia line in the 1920's, the Swastika was only a design, a good luck symbol. Offered for sale by Granite Pail Collectibles for $350 but now sold.