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Attending to surroundings enables a company not only to give money but also to leverage its capabilities and relationships to support development causes.What specific examples can you share from your companies of successful CSR implementation?As chairman of the PPAF, how do you think CSR is viewed (in similarity and in opposition) by the development sector, and by the business sector?

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What is the logical / valid connection between corporate philanthropy and strategic CSR, in your opinion?CSR has been made synonymous with corporate philanthropy (CP) in peoples mind whereas it is about sustainable development in the key areas of social, environment and economic well-being of organizations and societies at large.As economies globalize, new opportunities to generate prosperity and quality of life are developing but these positive improvements are accompanied with new risks to the stability of our environment and the continuing burden of poverty and hunger on millions of people.Or Engro Energy is exploring energy conservation projects.

Our challenge as a conglomerate: we are now evaluating how all the above can be combined in a single initiative for synergistic intervention in rural areas.

What might be your input to the community on effective ways to implement result – oriented CSR programmes that are aligned with a company’s core business?

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