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In all tbe WILT, practice hl priifiwlon countlea and of Ohio ami ailjolnlii K Court of Appeals, hpcclal attention lilveil to collection.. but tho animal had carried his victim Local newspapers printed the facts and into a thicket and the man, crazed with they were printed in a paper at Knox-yillgrief, could not find him. g It was noticed that the Darby house Recently a middle-agebnt was open and yet no ono appeared to bo woman arrived hero. juniiuau Kidney and Liver troubles and often UUIUITO, UI, ur. Deing directed to look over tho editor of the Doston Travelor recently sho discovered an injury to ono of bis legs, sustained some years ago, but which is sometimes still troublesome. Madl.onvtlte Hustler t'AHic i as a motive power is remnrkntile. Vest ago thoro woro only 101 electric (m In Concre M from thl the oftilie.r"i,r0ul,u In tho United States, whilo tentalle Kentucky, sunjeci io me uwun suits him ought to taku job that ho N'bw Yoiik, July 13. Pullman car shops at whatever loss if it was hanged iu that city last Friday nt on electric, car with two rancors cost would suit. party, thoso authorized by mo havo becomo real question which has been beforo it insly prepared to spend tho summer. The instru- wnnt B of his constituents, novcr failing tho number on tho roll last April. proflou tipeilal In Ohio ami ad attention k Icii Attorney at Law, KARTFORD, KY. Bi,0 grew to womanhood, married a Not suspecting that the bear was prosperous yonug farmer named sho was within a few feet of the hew, and is now tho mother of two animal before sho saw him. Mavhew owned somo land raising tho rifle tho woman fired, but in. Later a only Btieceeded in maddening tbe brute, question of title camo up and his wife and a raomentlater he was crushing her was summoned as a witness. conrso of her testimony sho told tbe The husband when he saw his wife's strange story of her abandonment by fate jumped from tho tree to get his ax, her mother, tho disguised soldier. B Mnddox, Point Pleasant; will provo our statement. She apparently 'has the powor to examine the interior construction of a human body, nnd sees through every miuuto portion thereof as ensily as if the wholo wero made of clenr glass. Harrison i says: r still remain: Can I, as a business man, $2'),000 for n speech iu a raila. V"k re authorial to announce The growth of the uso of electricity knowing tho truth of tho fact which I road case at Indianapolis recently. MIIJTIOMKIl V, F havo stated, bind myself that I will in Kiigcuo Prondorgast, tlio nssnssiu of Tho man who can't get a job that Ofthe county prilardln, ai a camllilate for Ken. for Cnti Kelly's nrmy is eneatned about six ll ho such competition ns to run down "Tho puhlio should not pormit tho miles from Washington nnd nro seem, to the ocllon of ity with which my expressions nnd Kre, rrl maty election Au Rut the lniocratic prices to of what was paid uot liko toluild the plow, but still hold4th. dence that civilization still survives tho power of direction. JJ, Uaiines, " Klroy, of Bowling Green, almost a Hall'M Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting plain talk and littlo of it, and straight Mammoth Cave. A committco con- and laborously tho facts, showing that friends of Mr. Sold by all Druggists, by many ofthc When tho children drink had wator givon by a Stnlo geological snrvoy, is is to bo done, novcr agreeing to let go sisting of J. our best, but we make cheaper kinds, audi CLIMAX, IDEAL and It is raised for exportation nnd export- other at tho Arm Fall Nickel Plated IIIh Sewing machines for $15.00 and up. IVo Ifprleea, terma want your Equally safe for young or old, Ayer'a nud square trade, and win, wo will dealing wilt have It. They aro built to do bard work, and should bo sent out iu dull days, when a customer has to. We equip you with everything that you need, treat you well, and help you to earn ten times ordinary wages. All succeed if ho follow our plain and simple directions. We used alextonslve, tho rivers mightier, the most everything without bonoflt. ll,ltj-that no considerable now orders could charges to tho tenants, nnd paying for city, Stato nnd National Governments Due ftnm National Ilinki Tin: great railroad strike which n personification of tho aggregation of .being cjlled back to Washington by l&DO 100,030,855 07 State 4559 soon bo had. Tho sovereign power is tho tho Speaker of tho Honso of Represen 1801 .., tho work in hnud had been taken by $'00 per month moro than is charged many lives that were sacrificed. The strike years, thero is easy, rapid and effec LIABILITIES. thousands who nro now Hue Mate Ilanka and llanlera jgio mado to crcato a projudico against tho of$100,()00,000 worth of property, With this power in tho people thoy Crisp I1113 been hailed witli approval by benefit of supported by Ala., district, added a cowardly Due National Hanks 51 60 wrongfully tho Federal all classes of peoplo at Pullman nnd its Pullman Company by charges that n H. Hm M...m traffic is everywhere mov' havo only to demand and exact, nnd to tho most prominent Democrats of tho wholesale assassination to their list of Bailroid Pension reform was vicinity of a closing down of tho works, Government. NTUCKV,) m' unnavotiug resolution to carry into ef- of tho tariff conference committee, tho in the presidential campaign in 1802, ered it a wise policy to opcratb tho ized 27 years ago, with a capital of County oh Ohio. Pratt mines, and, as tho negro fect their demands and exactions; and Washington Star says: "Montgomery and regard is being paid to honesty iu shops temporarily nt an actual loss. Monui H, onco of Tin: all their interests can bo protected aud is ono of tho best men in tho whole tho matter of pensions. Gov't Report Lpiiziiz Kzxxxixa; Do You Expect to Become M "NEW JERUSALEM" THE SOUTHWESTERN COAST OF FLORIDA. a TO BE BUILT ON "MOTHER'S FRIEND" , A Makes Easy, Bowling Green Land Company's Childbirth Aula U ftttur 'Mothkr's Fwisni V" sajs a customer. IUki Ic "To others" il free containing alna-I- ll lufonratiun. Jffiffilr the Latin race, nnd is engagod prin MADE cipally in agrioulturo; consequently WE the cost of raising her wheat is normal, you OR OCH DEALERS can Mil machines cheaper than yon can muscle being tbe capital invested. The NEW UOM8 Is wheat will bo said irrespective of prices. It makes light work for thoadvertisemf nt, for a chalk sign on tbe sidewalk would do all that was needed and have a half holiday six days in tho wook; but who wants to favor an advertisement? PKHPAKHI) to do all kinds of denial work; on short notice, at reosouable price.. Soon after my sions; tho land of dollars and electrioi-ty- ; wife's sister, who lives with us, was the land whero prairies aro more taken in the samo way. Cuasp lloiao, We have recently prepared books especially adapted lo Write for catalog.. Shorthand, Penmjni Mp and Tele W5 spend more money In th. Thero would bo nothing left to do perhaps find a job in cutting sprouts or ll. CJ4.77l) 11 government tho government is aud most highly complimented by his 1880 form of . j,uju uj Uanllitc 124,415,051 40 for nlmost two weeks paralyzed ev tho peoplo. Al7J 134,533,052 79 cry kind of business in many parts directing power, tho soul and spirit of tatives to servo upon tho Confcrenco 1892 mo in competition at prices which were to them. With Committee, which is to determine the 1893 peated effor U'to disisioc Uto itself from manifesto, but it was not heeded. COST 100,531,350 00 tho power vested iu Congress composed great tariff question which basso long 1804 ,, ,7,11 tho supplying of water to tenants, but Strikers are now going back to work Current mii.,,,,, ,,,.,, cd, the places of the strikers being Tho taxpayers are always willing to To the company of delivering, without tho city of Chicago has as yet failed to whore permission is given to reinstate, of representatives elected every two occupied tho most prominent position any reckoning for the use of capital filled by other men. crimes late Monday afternoon, A mob to prevent which the company consid intr on as if thero had been no havo tho will, tho determination and "Tho Pullman Company was organ- of 200 marched to Slope No, 3 of tho Describing tho different membors promised tho people by tho Democrats Statu oy Kr. of Sent by ciprcss, on receipt of price, M buttle, charge prepaid. MOlt NISOHTAIl "Ii'Al CK." Howling tlrecn Democrat. Sho up to tho moment that tho bear seized and her husband wcro reunited, and his wife, whilo boyond that he rememthey advertised extensively for the bers nothing. A bound in ton years from 4,000,000 busbols to 72,000,- 000 is nlarming to America. SEWING Her immigration has been largely from MACHj Hl MONEY . Thero are times when you couldn't stop people from buying everything In tho store if you planted a cannon bobind tho door, and that's tho time tho advertisement is sent on its holy mission. America is the land summer complaint, accompanied with a of unmeasured distances and dimen- wonderful diarrhoea. 1 1 teachers, GOO students past, no varatlon; enter any lime. pno OTtn k QAUOLl CO., OUCTl, Seut stenographers, teachers, eanfsea aa Clerks, tic, la nt, provided we till saue. I Hurt my It'Injury kuvliw their lender from adjacent towns. nlono 815,000.00), to ho settled by Oicr Jr U, unxciirol Svi-business forecasts leading to tho heliof lons and, not having increased tho 87. lender, issued u Currency- - .......-...........- ... i,mi u 157,357,557 87 its inspiration and promotings. hns at last tcrnnnat of the country, ikloo LESS THAN THE ACTITAI. "My wife suffered more In ten minutes with her other children than she did all together with her last, alter having used four bottles Druggist, Carml, L(tnt Daiiftr an d Sftwltm liber. Property Adjoins It To be Peopled by Eight Mil- lion Happy Souls. Attorney : At : Law, practice hi ptofeslon In Ohio nnl ail counties, special attention k Imii lucullrvlloi K, (li Tuewlth County Attorney HARTFORD, KY. His reoollection is vivid place where the Orths resided. Mason was overjoyed at finding IT MAY DO AS MUCH l'OU YOU. He tried many cures by allaying the inflammation and so called Kidney oures but without giving tone, strength, vigor and vitaliany good result. Guaranbegan tho uso of Electrio Bitters and teed by Z. Suoh is the story that comes from tha puzzled patrons of Michigan's famous Scientists lmvd been health resort. When, by reason of a cold or from kid- cribes tho man as a student in tho occult scionccs, and the girl at a psychio Royal .332 l Baking Powder ft' ABSOLUTELY PURE rival in tho Southern bomisnhore which cannot be brushod asido a real, live, --P unconqiwrablo rival. IMff VMM UIMAW tt tllt TEoad&ri tf BTOBnrmr TOrme Sr'b IM f uuenos Ayros is predicting with confidence that early in tbe twen IT IS tieth century Argentino will occupy ABSOLUTELY the place now held by the United The Best States ns tho largest exporter of wheat. When tbe dull season gets along and thero ia uo trade, and ho wants to sell goods so bad ho can't pay his rent, he takes out bis advertisement that is, some of them do; but occasionally a level headed merchant puts in a bigger ono and scoops all the business, while his neighbors aro mortgaged to pay the gas bill. HP11l u It's a permanent cur, that you get with kind, of dental work do TS atl'KI(I'AKHI) to all ino.t reaionable prices. tf tho United States form a country compared with which tho European king"Last fall was taken with a kind of doms are pigmies. Drangbon's Practical Business College, NASHVILLE, Coak keeping-- , . our ' Collecet Ukelnas tuition, 4 weeks by our method teaching book keeping Is equal lo 12 weeks by lb old plan. dotiy that such a question is plainly not 1st of September. Vn., srnils tills testimony to n ib of going to country not run liy electricity. Sevrral durntion of a dictatorship which could Congress or to tho Legislature might my earnest efforts to prevent tho strike, nun. o going for about GO days, and with nil city about sevou cents per 1,000 gal- ed that tho strike cost tho city of 164. 80.23i.503 77 In a Republican gressional district has been honored 1883 them.

Hartford herald (Hartford, Ky.) Hartford herald (Hartford, Ky.) Hartford herald (Hartford, Ky.) 300dpi TIFF G4 page images Jno. Permission must be received for subsequent distribution in print or electronically. Hartford, KY 1894 $IMLS This electronic text file was created by Optical Character Recognitio n (OCR). The of that field and area in South Africa suitod to the cultivation of wheat is a problem of timo. Tho" Governor hid just withdrawn Dam, in said county, being duly sworn, der to givo forco aud effect to tho will honso conferees have beforo them. Ashamed to his attention whilo others lassoed return home sho had put on men's him from behind. For five years ho was n raving maniac When she left the houso of tho Orths, but two yoara ago begau to show signs she cald, sho intended to return and of returning reason and is now cured, claim her baby, but when sho reached old man at the East Tennessee sho fell into a fover and but he is n broken-dowago of 45 years and will never again be was never afterward oblo to locate tho fit for work. It pains in his baok aud also that his bladder was affected. Whon sho feels auy aches or pnins, disturbance in the btomacb, or any other ailment whatever she will locate it and tell what caused it whether produced by cold, fatigue or unfavorable ohemical notion in the stomach aud then will direot her friend what to do to rolleve her, and tho remedy is a tow applications of his finger tips in the manner known to hypnotists as passes, mado in tho direction which sho indidites. So tho merchant waits till his store is so full ot customers that ho can't get his hat off, and then ho rushes to the newspaper and puts in bis ndvertisement. Tlicy'ro the cheapest pill you can buy, because (iiaranfffil to give satisfaction, or your money Is returned. The makers otfur (Sou reward for an Incurable case. Address Dn Bois & Webb, with which Europe is only a peninsula; Louisville, Ky. Our FRKB9Spaite catalogue will esplain why wo can afford It. Who will about July 20th nnd continue till tho CONCERNING THE RECENT fl IO A. public, nnd of nn eutiro forgetting of to the possibility of tho creation and ing farmers nnd by help obtained by ol Hlllil Hiri). Any employment, it tu again make a public assurnnco that tho States, nnd tho daily oomfort of tho ankle. Lately 1880 illiterate contracts on hand, enough to keep them city of Chictgotbu company pays tho on all tho roads affected. S7 she will uot neglect to improve may bo necessary to meet tho aims and Kentucky ns woll ns tho Fourth Con 1887 73,400,402 00 Un ami llltcoim U........,. "In tho early part of May a commit- holding of each stockholder the now 80 Mnsio by J. body of the woman in the thioket and Mnyhew was her daughter. Sho ing through tho woods with an ax upon had run away from her home in Tonnes-se- o bis shouldor, alternately moaning and and had married a young man shrieking. Afterne was captured by strategy, several ward sho becamo jealous of her husmen appearing in front ot him to band and deserted him. Bell's Pino Tar Honey is differ-en- t troubio for many years, with Bevero from all other cough remedies. Tho smell of tobacco or smoke dulls her perceptive faoultios materially and makes her anxious to get away from such places, while, pn tho other hand, when this second solf is in a pure and pleasant atmosphere, and there is nnything of interest to bo noted, sho wilt rebel at being recalled until sho has satisfied her curiosity. It is not, was not and nover will be designed for any other human purpose. Tako Pleasant Pellets that you may cultivate) good nature, happiness, and health. See advertisement hibit: "America is a land compared where. I n r POSITIONS GUARANTEED under reasonable conditions. mon nt wages greater than their work could bo sold for, and continue this ruinous policy indefinitely, or bo Dog days propor begin this year of a breach of faith? Miirrn Roiiaflln that thti comimnv caused the re Works were Operated should bo asked to arbitrate whether or mission to find out what Says the ,nl nt I. That question was ns They live by foraging from neighbor M. n wrllknnwn luilncn man few lines of struct railroad in the man who cannot get j DZM00BATI0 TICKET. i sore which Inlmy vosliwlas Hie knee la the that perhaps it is well thnt I should nil tho industries of tho United Hum vti'tucxlirme, A statement issued by iho Pension , lor County Clerk-l- l O WAN OOK sire in the lino of transportation if digging coal. to other trli of tho lioily Alii'rlrlii K millions dependent upou them, hostages lluroau shows that thero wero 514,414 Hartford had such unvigatinn of matters not how hard it may lie, or how dcplorablo evonls of tho Inst fow weeks I litem tnkluic Atrr'n Vor County Attorney I". Sinco tho inclusion 5(1,102,2(17 40 have tho power vested by exertion ol to nil correspondents, whether rich or 1835 of Hyde Park nud Pullman within tho and business has boon resumed man wore working with car building glory last year indulge the'hope that which all can bo accomplished that poor, learned or 0U,404,8G4 01 RESOURCES. Then thero is lots of phosphato in tho soil thore, and one man can dig out S'"' worth in a day. 000 pooplo lead n celibate lifo thero will ' hi a now raeo ot poople." k h x pro-diet- IIUCKL. Tub Best Salve in tbe world for Sores, Ulcers, Salt Outs, Bruises, Rheum, Fover Sores, Tetter, Chapped Chilblains, Corns and all Skin Hands, Eruptions, and postively cures Piles, or no pay required. The wo- of guerrillas, who were mainly of Conman was killed and tho man crazed, in a federate sympathies, made their headfight with a bear. the legitimato incrcaso of wealth in the RESOURCES. There has not beeu With Guffy on tho track, Judge Ileevrs country in which ho lives. Employes may, team nnd put in a full day's timo ou tho prosperous condition, 3'VS.l'SI. throughout the country had naturally Flora, Jane, Emclino nnd Jo, who live 2.'5d, 18! Leouidas Douglas Guffy, of tho raphardly ho asked that tho Pullman Com At the head of this column stands tho Monday, ro suited in a wago depression, aud tho Why Parties are Organized. namo of ouo of whom tho citizenncf the municipality of Butler. Mi:ii Y feet in height nnd width, has heen in- intrenched to hold out, and it is sufo to that never takes a drink will novor got into the now organization, tho worktho Juikik Guity, of Morgantown, vited to meet . Mi'iiit.w in assumo that tho honso conferees will drunk, and if wo novor go where liquor men closed tho shops by abandoning nnd it is estimatod that twolvo million Baptist Ministers' Institute. not yield any important point, unless is or suffer it to como among us, wo will now has enough instructed votes to joint dehate. Routes and ono nnd Its put up in tubes and equal to about brcthron unapman, Contertown; .1. It must bo cloar to Tho uot spnro of Cool Springs Church board ut the Mammoth Cavo Hotol will any considerable majority. Anil, Sulphur iug r navigation on our only fin & Uro., nartford; Juo. ovory business mnn and to ovory think- visit pleasant and profitable Springs; Reufrow Uros., Narrows.

Ono man by fishing can supply 100 persons with food in New Jerusalem, and a scoro can supply 10,000. Throughout the civil war this once more in his right mind, and tho backwoods region Bnrksvillo is 40 return of reason onablod him to give- - mj(cg from tho nearest railroad was the solution of his wife's death, which dobatoblo ground. ,by Fedorals and Confederates, and, She was supposed to have been mur- - WOrse" than all, by tho guornllas, who dered, as her body was found badly mu- - claimed either flag, as it Buited their tllated nnd partly covered with earth, convenience, and robbed the friends of while her husband was caught roaming both alike, through tho forest, with an ax on his In tho early days of tho war a party shonlder, a raving maniac. Guffy is a freak creutcd by ago the shops nt Pullmiu woro in n honses at Pullman hns no relation to noxt day appeared with a wagon and himself and worshipped by his creator. work at once of tho wages your best efforts into this meeting. Miulilox, may soon enjoy tho advantages of hav- - sold on a gnnrantoo by Z, Wayno Grif- of tho employes. Rogland," Rcavor Dam, I'rovi-donc- o The life of young Brooks has water way, which in tho good Hy II.

His ultimate project is to buy up ft tract six miles square miles all square, or thirty-sitold, ou which he means to liavo n city of 8,000,000 faithful Koreshans.