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But I knew there’d be no problem because there was a Russian employee sitting a few cubicles over. I searched my pockets looking for something to give him when I realized I had no pockets because I was wearing a skirt. and purchase these fab matching unisex rainboots from Marc by Marc Jacobs. It also has modern electric heaters rather than a single vintage gas stove from circa 1939.selling him on the idea that his time and assistance was totally worthy of some small chocolate that I’d bought at the Walgreens on Sacramento and Front St. We are also both spending lots of energy on improving our careers – with varying, but mostly positive, results. So come join me over at my super-duper superficial self-centered postings on Today’s Outfit. However, I would still like to know how many decades need to pass before contractors learn that putting heaters beneath windows is about the most inefficient way to heat a place. *****Addendum #5: I freaked when I first learned there was a Marc by Marc Jacobs 3 blocks away from our apartment.And, like a schoolgirl, I don’t know what to do with myself. Once again, it’d be the dogs and I left to entertain ourselves. There would be parties and dinners out and lots of fun for him at the conference he is attending.I wondered, what on earth did I do in the evenings back when I was truly single? He might not have time to miss me and that would be understandable. I did not feel the missing at all during the day, but once I began to walk and realized he would not be there during the walk or later when I got home, I felt that slam-kick in my stomach.For as much as the Ukrainian and I love each other.There has always been this barrier of language and communication that seemed to have kept us from reading the other’s mind.