According to , 82% of teen pregnancies are unintended and account for 20% of all unplanned pregnancies per year.Statistics also show that 57% of teen pregnancies result in birth while 14% end with a miscarriage ( word condom is mentioned very few times in the show.The girls in shows such as this one are never asked about the use of contraception and STD testing is also avoided (It is believed by some to portray the wrong image by not mentioning the use of contraception.The show never comes out to say that Amy, the 15-year-old girl who becomes impregnated, had unprotected sex.

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Babies of teen mothers are at a larger risk of having long-term problems in major areas such as physical or mental illnesses.

A special understanding and education about nutrition, infections, substance abuse and the various complications is essential during this time in the young adult’s life (

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