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He places a hand over Frank’s chest and gently pushes him back towards the black staff couch just behind them.Frank goes with little resistance and a sultry smirk, his eyes locked on his teacher’s absorbing hazel." Frank says, making a big show of looking around them. ""An empty room with a locked door," Frank says, edging a little closer. "We could..." Without looking away for a moment, Frank reaches out and palms at Gerard's cock through his slacks.Gerard keeps his expression blank, and takes a sip of his coffee. Frank licks his lips, slow and deliberate, and Gerard puts his coffee down on his desk.“Frank,” he says with a sweet smile, curling his hand up in Frank’s hair."Oh my god, Iero," says a voice from somewhere outside the classroom door, and Gerard's ears prick up. " "I lost a bet," he hears Frank answer cheerfully, and oh god, oh god, he really did it.The bell shrills and the class start to trickle in, in twos and threes, and Gerard lets himself risk a glance at Frank. The skirt is short, flashing a tempting glimpse of soft, pale thighs.

“No.”“Detention.” Gerard announces, writing Frank’s name down.

"Immediately, half of the class avert their gaze, and Gerard makes a mental note of who hasn't done what he asked.