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Ask yourself if it’s really about the black or white thing or if it’s something else.Maybe they’re wondering if you’re serious, leading your partner on, or are being impulsive. Maybe they’re concerned about the family of your partner and foresee trouble.

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Children are those below 18 years of age or those, regardless of age, who are incapable of taking care of themselves (as stated in Republic Act 7610).It is certainly necessary to talk to a rich woman in a smart way in order to prove yourself a potential lover.Below are discussed some of the successful and even proven ways to have a conversation with a rich woman in a smart way. Focus her using eye contact While having a conversation with your rich dating partner, make sure to focus her with your eyes.They can also file an independent civil action for damages and criminal action for the violation of anti-VAWC Act. It is an order prescribed in the Anti-VAWC Act to prevent further abuse of or violence against a woman and her child.

It also provides them relief from said abuse or violence. Anyone of the following may also file the protection order in behalf of the victim/s: Parent or guardian Grandparents Children and grandchildren Relatives (aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws)Local officials and DSWD social workers Police Lawyers Counselors Therapists Health care providers (nurses, doctors, barangay health workers)Any two people who came from the city or municipality where VAWC happened and who have personal knowledge of the crime.

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