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Check with your hosting provider to make sure you have access to SSH and ask for access if you don’t.You may need to upgrade your hosting plan to use this platform, so keep that in mind as well.Since all Word Press sites include a login page even if there is only one user, it’s recommended that a SSL certificate is installed.For more detail on SSL encryption, check out our guide How to Use SSL and HTTPS with Word Press.There’s also a limit of 100 domains for a single certificate.

If you don’t have it natively installed, you need to install Git on the root of your server if you don’t already have it.By the time you enter your site’s URL to visit your homepage, your certificate should be already installed. Even though the process is quick, there are some basic requirements you need on your server before you can jump right in and install an SSL certificate.First and foremost you need to be sure your server’s operating system meets the requirements.It’s an open source project that aims to secure the entire web.