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This gives them the opportunity to escalate the frequency of your communication and to isolate you.They often request that you keep your relationship a secret from family and friends.Official statistics reveal that 70% of victims are female.Regarding age group, the vast majority of victims are in the 40-69 age group, which makes up 62% of all reported cases of dating scams.Another sign of a dating scammer is that they try to ask leading questions, so you will unwittingly reveal information about your financial situation.They encourage you to remain in touch through a different medium such as emails or texting.Protecting Your Property And Savings From Thieves – Chapter 22 For some people, the Internet offers them the opportunity to meet the person of their dreams.

Google acts as our doctor, our personal shopper and even relationship creator.When they comment on your responses, they mirror your answers to reinforce the impression that you are ‘soulmates’.They might pay a lot of compliments and might proclaim feelings of love very early in your relationship.Fraudsters may also use the conversations you have to find out enough personal information about you to commit identity fraud.

They’ll ask innocent-looking questions about you that make it look like they just want to get to know you, such as your date of birth, home address or family background.

The profile of a dating scammer often states that they are looking for a permanent relationship and emphasises the values of caring, honesty and romance.