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Given the volume of spam messages that infected hosts attempt to distribute, new nodes are quickly added to DNS-based Blackhole Lists (DNSBL) and most of the major email service providers will not accept new message transmissions once this occurs.In order to keep spam levels consistent new nodes must be added constantly.Information : Statistics regarding the size and concentration of HTML coding used.Size : Shows the size of the HTML used on your site.In June 2016, following the disappearance of the Angler exploit kit from the threat landscape, other major exploit kits began to shift to different payloads.The RIG exploit kit moved from distributing Tofsee to other payloads, possibly because distributing them was more attractive to cybercriminals from a monetization standpoint or simply because different actors began using this exploit kit as a distribution mechanism for their malware.Malvertising is a technique commonly used by exploit kits to infect users that browse web sites that are serving compromised advertisements.This activity seemed to disappear in June, however Talos has recently observed a marked increase in the volume and velocity of spam email campaigns containing malicious attachments that are being used to distribute Tofsee.

Threat actors also constantly strive to expand their presence by taking advantage of the ever increasing number of Internet users and devices.This post was authored by Edmund Brumaghin Tofsee is multi-purpose malware that has been in existence for several years, operating since at least 2013.It features a number of modules that are used to carry out various activities such as sending spam messages, conducting click fraud, mining cryptocurrency, and more.The code in javascript attachment is obfuscated in an attempt to make analysis more difficult.

The above Javascript obfuscates a WScript downloader, which is used to retrieve and execute a malicious PE32 executable from an attacker controlled web server.

When executed, the downloader retrieves a malicious executable and runs it, infecting the system with Tofsee.