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and someone never uses credit cards , I dont trust themthis is my bullying story. I did apologize and said it was an accident when I bumped the teacher.I think the teacher's aid bullied me by treating me this way. One teacher put me in time out because I was cold and didn't want to take my coat off. At least he said he was sorry, but other teachers didn't.and have the personal information on a private network, and use a company called Hacker safe. for dating sites to have tips to know how to keep its members safe. Bad people don't give out personal info, they want to hide, behind a nickname for no one to know who they make sure no one breaks in and steals the information you gave. so this will make sure good people are the only ones on dating activation codes for disability for dating sites mostly but for other dating sites too.and they can track any bad people down, on dating sites, to make it safe.people should feel safe and secure when dating sites should look into safe guards for example police checks, to make sure who is bad and is not.and the activation codes get sent in the mail when you sign up and its free. and have codes of conduct and rules for the dating sites for disability people and other people as well.the sites need to do something, to make people feel safe and at ease when dating online.

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    May 15, 2009. and all the members of the dating sites and even disability dating sites, need to update their personal info, if it changed every year. and there is an automatic message that says go to the update membership info. and. Dating sites should keep sex offenders off of dating sites. Dating sites should be safe.…
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