David wygant online dating secrets review

Women want it from us, and guys spend most of their lives working on feeling it and showing it.

You know what you SHOULD be doing, but when you try to do it, there's this invisible force that stops you. I had a bad temper, and I could barely control myself when I was around an attractive girl.You don't want to feel like other people control your success with women. I know a lot of guys that would tell you that you don't need techniques - that if you have the inner game confidence, then your outer game is automatic. I'm sure you've felt confidence walking up to a woman and found that your tongue was tied and your head got all foggy the second you tried to say something.And you sure as hell don't want to feel like you can't control your own success with women. You ever try using a line on a woman and have it fall flat - like, flat on its face? I coach and talk to guys every day that learn a lot of techniques and "lines" to use on women, but they don't seem to work for them. Usually because of the level of self-esteem and self confidence of the guy using them. And I bet it killed your confidence quick, too, didn't it?I wanted to figure out how to get control of my confidence, my emotions, and my crazy mind. Well, it's a pretty fancy term for some of our most important traits as a man.

Inner Game includes things like: You Can Get All The Phone Numbers And Dates You Want...

That's weak, wussy game that women can detect a mile away.

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