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Worship Kerouac and Bukowski, God forbid you’d pick up anything by Jane Austen Jess – Hey, I’ve read Jane Austen Paris – You have?Jess – Yeah, and I think she would’ve liked Bukowski” Jess is the troubled love-interest of Rory Gilmore, son of Liz Danes and Jimmy Mariano, and nephew of Luke Danes.Jess shows his interest in Rory in several situations, but after a tutoring sessions ends in a car accident with Rory in the hospital, Luke puts Jess on the bus back to his mother.Rory unusually skips school for the day and unexpectedly misses her mother's graduation to take a trip to New York to see him, and when he asks her why she came, she says he never said goodbye.Unlike Dean, Jess is terrible at communication and follow-through, and this causes frustration for Rory.Also, Jess is jealous of the formed friendship between Rory and Dean, and it doesn't help that Lorelai still doesn't warm to him.

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Jess quickly develops a romantic interest in Rory Gilmore after he meets her at a welcome to town dinner at her and her mother's house.Jess eventually agrees that he was right, and they begin their relationship.Their relationship, however anticipated by each other, is bumpy.When he kisses her back, she pulls away and starts freaking out resulting in her running away screaming "welcome home". Rory returns, and Jess expresses his anger over her still being with Dean and not communicating with him while she was away, especially after kissing him months earlier.

Rory stays with Dean after resolving that being with him is the better choice, but she continues to show her attraction and interest in Jess.

Because of this, Jess later returns to Stars Hollow with the intention of doing better than the first time he was there.