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Entered as Second-Class Matter at the New York City Post Office, December 15th, 3 Subscription, $8 per annum. r RARY m ' PROCEEDINGS OF THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS (INSTITUTED 1852) VOL. 6 AUGUST, 1916 Edited by the Secretary, under the direction of the Committee on Publications. NEW YORK 1916 Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1916, by the American Society of Civil Engineers, in the office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington. Reprints from this publication, which Is copyrighted, may be made on condition that the full title of Paper, name of Author, page reference, and date of presentation to the Society, are given. ^)^S\2 iinerican mtkii of :(j;uil ngmma OFFICERS FOR 1916 President, CLEMENS HERSCHEL Vice-Presidents Term expires January, 1917: Term expires January, 1918: DANIEL BONTECOU ALFRED CRAVEN RICHARD MONTFORT PALMER C.

FOUNDEDi L,l852i August, 1916 Published at the House of the Society, 220 West Fifty-seventh Street, New Yorl the Fourth Wednesday of each Month, except June and July. La obra de esta californiana es una torrencial sucesión de experiencias.Educada en una familia de músicos, Carla llegó a Nueva York a los 19, se puso a trabajar de cigarrera en un club de jazz y allí conoció a su primer marido, el exquisito Paul Bley, que le cedió su apellido. Mc MINN Standing Committees (The President of the Society is ex-officio Membek of all Committees) On Finance : GEORGE W.