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When I interviewed Small in October 2007, he was knee-deep in the second season of Is this a new version we're listening to? We had to change the hi-hats a little bit, too, but he found some really good samples and it sounds great. I just put out this record, and there are purists that like the TV show versions of the songs better than the superproduced studio stuff. I normally don't program fills, because I don't have time and I'm not good at it. Ulrich has worked with Dimebag Darrell and a bunch of great guitar players. But if it's getting late …Click to continue reading "Metalocalypse Now"FIG.

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We would stand there with the bass and say to the artists, “This is Murderface. He can hardly reach his strings, but this is how he does it and it looks cool.”We emailed other companies and said, “We have an TV show. It's stuff we like, and the manufacturers we work with are really cool. And they'd just put in a loop, so the hands don't match the action.

Call me back.” Some people did and some people didn't. How do you process your voice to get Nathan's tone? My voice sounds like it's a lot lower, but I'm only giving the illusion of a lower voice.

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    Jun 10, 2012. Once again, Toki is at the center of an episode of Metalocalypse, which automatically has a sweetening effect, which is ironic, since Toki is diabetic. Plot point. Maybe he wanted to wrap up the meeting fast so he could pull up the camp's website and see the earliest date for new applicants. Clearly, this is.…
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    After their old bands break up, Nate and Pickles meet, and after Pickles sees Trash's last performance, he decides he wants to make a band with Nathan. They go off in search of a guitarist, and a bassist, and meet Murderface. Then later Skwisgaar and Toki come around. And Dethklok ensues. I hope you guys like it! Also.…
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    Is a big year for Adult Swim's favorite metal band. They will be performing live from USS Midway in July at Comic Con, headlining a 34 date concert tour starting this August, and releasing a new album this fall. All of this couldn't be complete without the Blu-ray and DVD release of Metalocalypse Season 4 on October.…
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    Jul 2, 2008. I was just thinking about this today, weird. I'm not sure, I'm thinking Pickles or Toki. I'm not sure if I should deduct points for hanging out with a rock-n-roll clown though. bitgod, Jul 16, 2008 · Skypants Noob. Joined Mar 10, 2007. Messages 4,366. Date Posted Jul 22, 2008 #6. But clowns are metal. They're.…
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    Feb 1, 2015. I haven't drawn Toki wearing Skwisgaar's shirt in a while. Originally posted to my tumblr on January 14, 2015 Skwisgaar's Shirt.…