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This page provides a list of my publications with full versions of papers linked when available.Incentives to Participate in Online Research: An Experimental Examination of "Surprise" Incentives.However, Sandvine notes that overall Bit Torrent (file-sharing) traffic is declining, and today only accounts for 6.3 percent of total traffic in North America and 8.5 percent of Latin American traffic.Other streaming video services are also seeing more modest increases."Online Dating." Microsoft Research Social Computing Symposium, March 29-30, 2004, Redmond, Wash.Paper presented at the International Communication Association 63rd Annual Conference, London, UK.Join and receive access to an exclusive movie collection featuring hot twinks with their mature partners having the most amazing sex.To use the site's full features, you need to allow viewing Flash content in your browser.

Ellison, N., Gray, R., Vitak, J., Lampe, C., and Fiore, A.Restarting the router is not a good solution because when the torrent detects a connection and starts downloading, the connection gets killed again.Great video, but i have to disagree with the title here."Online Personals: An Overview." Short paper, ACM Computer-Human Interaction 2004, Vienna, Austria.

"Observed Behavior and Perceived Value of Authors in Usenet Newsgroups: Bridging the Gap." In proceedings of ACM Computer-Human Interaction 2002, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Poster presented at the i Schools i Conference 2011, Seattle, WA.

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