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So, it's clearly not an issue of talent — maybe he was just burned out after a full franchise?In comparison, Alfie Enoch has done quite a bit of high-profile work since taking on the role of Dean Thomas.

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He's done exclusively shorts and several brief arcs on TV series like Just William and Garrow's Law since his last appearance in the movies.Aside from performing the tale of "The Nerdy Duckling" before our eyes, transforming from the guy who played Neville Longbottom into a bonafide hunk, Matthew Lewis has been working pretty steadily.He appeared in a TV series called The Syndicate in 2012, and began another: A war comedy called Bluestone 42 in 2013, which just wrapped up its third season in April 2015.If you happen to be a fan of Harry Potter in the year 2015, it can be hard to get your fix. It seems so unfair that so many of us grew up with the Hogwarts crew, only to be cut off from them after the seventh book and their seventh year at school, our only clues at how they turned out in the form of a brief epilogue. I need to know where the Harry Potter actors are now.

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    Apr 6, 2016. Irish Harry Potter star Devon Murray has been ordered by a judge to pay €260,000 in commission fees to his former agent. It was heard in the High Court yesterday that the actor made more than €1 million for his work in the wizarding flick and he apparently spent it on drinks, cars and girls. “It wasn't all.…
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    Devon Murray made his 2 million dollar fortune with Harry Potter & Kelly. But how does this enigmatic relaxed actor from County Kildare, Ireland spend his money? And how rich is this single in terms of friends & family? Quick personal facts about Devon Murray. Origin, County Kildare, Ireland. Birth date.…
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    Jun 22, 2017. Devon Murray. Murray portrayed Seamus Finnigan, Dean Thomas's Irish best friend who initially doubted Harry's claims that Voldemort was back—but ultimately joined in. Chowdhury played Padma Patil's twin sister, Pavarti, who was BFF with Lavender Brown and attended the Yule Ball as Harry's date.…
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    Oct 11, 2016. Devon Murray breaks silence on World Mental Health Day.​…