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Although the situation felt like a relationship it wasn’t.Often times, when we accept less than what we want and deserve, people take advantage of our willingness to settle. I fell so hard that I shut my eyes to all the blaring red flags that greeted me on each step of the journey. Nothing else mattered and I was going to make this round peg fit into this square hole and we would both live in bliss. A few texts turned into kisses, sex, and suddenly the winter wasn’t so bad after all. That was six months ago and surely he’d changed his mind by now. It had been six months and surely he’d changed his mind by now. He didn’t understand my frustrations and my emotional outbursts. I found myself in cyclical disappointment when he didn’t meet those expectations (because he wasn’t, after all, my boyfriend) and my “girlfriend” actions went unappreciated.This wasn't an easy answer to uncover considering the two have been a notoriously secretive couple, especially in the earlier years of their relationship.

We have already looked into how long the two have been dating, but how exactly did Diddy and Cassie meet?When my heart was uncomfortable and it was time to get up, I just kept riding around hoping it would change. Although that’s not everyone’s story, it’s mine and it was time for me to reflect and do better the next time.No amount of companionship is worth risking emotional damage. I expect the best from everyone else so it was time I stopped giving myself scraps. This is not a surprise to us at Bossip as there is probably something more than raw talent and good dancing that landed Cassie at Badboy.

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    How Long Have Diddy & Cassie Been Dating? Well, Do You Count When Their Relationship Was Secret?…