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'Cause I’m a control freak, and I just put it in the hands of the director, Daniel Kaufman. As for how he guides his kids in the right direction, the 47-year-old said, “I think it makes me very protective of them.I was busy putting together the show and he just got the cameras rolling and things were going on things we had to deal with — we couldn’t really run from the past, so we had to deal with the past, present and future.” “It’s something that started out as, like, a regular music documentary,” the mogul added, "but it became something much bigger. It’s something out there to inspire people, not just tell our history, but to inspire people." The documentary follows his incredible rise to fame. It makes me protective of where their spirit's at, most importantly, 'cause when I was going through a lot of that stuff, I lost a lot of my spirit.Jennifer married back-up dancer Cris Judd in 2001 but their marriage ended a year later.HOLD THE LINE THOUGH: that makes it two back-up dancer boyfriends, so we just need one more and it’s a trend!You go boy and we will call the Guinness World Record Book on your behalf.Jennifer Lopez's daring, curve-baring dresses on the red carpet since she stepped into the spotlight in the '90s haven't just proved JLo likes to keep it glitzy; they've also put the various boy toys that have appeared alongside her throughout the decades to shame.JLo may have started seeing David Cruz when she was just 15, but she went on to date her first love for a full decade, making for plenty of '90s fashion moments even after they split up, like this tank dress in 1995.

"Can't Stop, Won't Stop" will be available on Sunday on Apple Music.That started out all the way back with her first love, David Cruz, whom she dated for 10 years in a variety of '80s and '90s fashions before moving on to the likes of Wesley Snipes, Diddy, Ben Affleck, and Marc Anthony—and outfits that have involved fur jackets, bandanas, sequins, and crop tops, the latter of which were most memorably showcased alongside Affleck in the video for "Jenny from the Block." Three husbands, two twins, and a handful of much younger beaus—from her backup dancer Casper Smart to Drake—later, JLo still hasn't found her style parallel, though she's definitely still pulling out all the stops for new flings like A-Rod.From the iconic Versace dress she wore to the Grammy Awards with Diddy in 2000 to the bling that made it through her blurry Instagrams late last year with Drake, take a look back at JLo's style throughout the years—plus all the men she's made pale in comparison—here.While Drizzy and the "Love Don't Cost a Thing" performer have yet to say anything, plenty of other people have, and as you can see, Flex is one of them.