Diego luna and romola garai dating

RG: There was a dance sequence in the club, which took three days to shoot. The last film I did was with two guys in a wheel chair and I desperately wanted to go out with a disabled person. (She laughs.) Your life is your life and your job is your job. WM: Have you ever felt you like a fish out of water or an outsider? I was a big gangly British girl stuck in the middle of this party with incredible beautiful people. There's been some mistake" WM: Did you get any advice from Sela Ward? I did what I could to research the photographic aspects of Cuba and its time period.Puerto Rico is very humid, but we had three days of heavy rain and that somehow makes it hotter and we were in an incredibly small club. He's a very talented actor who takes his job very seriously. "Y Tu Mama Tambien" was a big deal for me when I saw it the first time around. There were some great shots of people from the 50's; so I looked at some stills.With his ex-wife he has raised two children: a son and a daughter.As he is so dashing and attractive, he had been through lots of dates and breakups till date.Hoping to accomplish the same feat in todays world is a new version of that film, Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights.Romola Garai, who was last seen in I Capture the Capture, takes over as the female lead looking to find herself in Cuba, with the help of Y Tu Mama Tambien star Diego Luna.and was interviewed about his film Cesar Chavez by Hot Dog.

Luna began his career as a child actor in telenovelas and later starred in Y tu mamá también (2001) and Rudo y Cursi (2008).

RG: I took it because I thought it would be a laughs.