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Something deposited or given as assurance of the fulfillment of an obligation.For example, property is often used as collateral for a loan. A document which indicates ownership such as a stock certificate or bond.

Traditionally, securities have been categorized into debt and equity securities, and between bearer and registered securities.Most securities can be identified by unique ID numbers called CUSIP numbers or by symbols.A general term applied to documents issued to investors by companies and governments etc., that evidences ownership of capital, formal loans, or financial obligations; this general descriptive term covers stock certificates, bonds, debentures, notes, warrants and similar documents, all of which are normally saleable and transferable from one party to another.Class of financial instruments with well-defined characteristics.

Such characteristics include nominal value, rights and obligations of the bearer, e.g.

The term includes notes, stocks, bonds, debentures or other forms of negotiable and non-negotiable evidences of indebtedness or ownership.