Disney fan dating site

“Having similar interests is definitely a big one, but I don't think limiting the dating pool to ONLY people who love Disney is going to do me any favors.Loving Disney shouldn't be a make or break -- for any couple.” But for people who love Disney, the site seems a no-brainer. ” wrote Mouse Mingle fan Traci Riley on the site’s Facebook page.

When a user creates their profile, many of the usual dating profile questions on other sites are omitted.The site works on a “freemium” plan – it’s free to browse, but costs $12.55 to make contact with a member.The “55” is a reference to 1955, the year that Disneyland, the company’s first theme park, opened in Anaheim, California.“In the future we plan on organizing group events to bring members together in more open settings so that they can mingle with other single Disney fans.” He also says plans include organizing events at locations around the world, not just Anaheim and Orlando.“We’re just starting out and want feedback from members to help make the site better over time.