Disqus recent comments not updating

I really like Disqus as it was easy to install and it looks cool on my website.It also does NOT slow down the site which is very important and does not seem to deter people from adding comments.I hope you find this blogpost useful and of course comments are welcome…regards @donnchadhh Donncha Hughes is a mentor, trainer and business advisor.To fix this, the weigth value of the disqus module entry in drupal system table needs to be a greaterinteger than the pathauto hook.This needs to be fixed in disqus.install file when module is installed.To display Disqus on any post simply ensure that Comments is ticked in the Dashboard [ Deselect Comments] In this setting tab, you can also choose for Disqus to email you when someone comments.I would generally advice that all comments be moderated so nothing is published without the website owner’s approval.

This replaces the normal or standard Word Press comment system on all pages and posts.Hi all, I'm having this problem when using pathauto to generate url aliases automatically.I did some testing and I think I've figured out what is going wrong: I believe it IS a module issue.b) The title in the Disqus share functionality popup for Twitter still uses the original title.

c) The title in the Disqus email notification uses the original title.

The problem appears to occur due to two issues, with my solutions to each issue below: Issue 1) The pathauto_node_update hook currently occurs AFTER disqus_node_update hook.

Disqus recent comments not updating comments

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