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At first she was depressed, and a little afraid of being such a target for intense attention. Instead of dressing down to avoid being noticed, she dressed exactly as she wanted to and bloomed in the extra sunshine, taking it as the ultimate compliment. Loss of Self-confidence Your self-esteem plunges new depths – you haven’t been able to make your relationship work, you are very wary of relationships and yet you would like to be in one because that’s what you’re used to.If you haven’t had the good fortune to get a divorce by mutual consent then you’ve been dragged through the divorce courts and undergone tremendous character assassination.With this comes that sense of satisfaction that you ‘did it on your own.’ 2.Children lose the plot The children, if there were any, start acting up – doing badly at school or college, being socially inept and quarrelsome.

Sandy Khanna*, a self-aware and reflective sort of person, spent hours ruminating on her attire, the subconscious signals she may be giving out and a host of other things till she came to the conclusion that it was not her, but her circumstances that made her so interesting.This is a time when children need extra care and more attention.Be honest with them about what is going on and encourage them to express their feelings. Makes me wonder – could this be because in our country, it is the big ‘no-no’, the end of life in society as we know it? There’s light at the end of the tunnel, and eventually you feel much better for having taken that step rather than continuing in a situation that is anathema to your soul,” 1.

Jyoti Chatterjee’s* husband decided to leave her and move in with his mistress. There are others whose lives change completely in terms of the kind of homes they live in or the amount of housework they suddenly have to do.

Divorce means that a child’s world falls apart and the two people he/she loves best in the world don’t love each other anymore ().