Dlinkddns not updating

However, I like to know that I have means to create more if need be. Posts Website Twitter A linux web hosting administrator, a professional production sound man, and a renegade cop without nothing left to lose.... In all seriousness, my passion in life is to help people; whether that be with help running their sites or with their productions.The name 'Boom Shadow' was given to me by a great group of filmmakers called Star Wipe Films. I hope my site is helpful to you, and if there's something you need, drop me a line!I created my account and then immediately popped over to Dyn DNS’s site to see if my credentials actually worked. See image: In fact, not only did I have a free Dyn DNS account, I actually have access to ANOTHER free hostname.As you see in the above picture, it says I’m using 0 of 1 hostname, even though I’m already using one.D-Link’s FAQ only has one question/answer and it states that you can only have 1 single hostname. Well, I’m here to tell you apparently that’s not true.

Their Dynamic DNS is offered at: I noticed something very interesting when poking around the FAQ and How-to. See attached screen shot: To me, this says that D-Link’s service is merely a reselling of Dyn DNS’s service.He's been doing server administration for 7 years running Linux/Windows Web servers and virtualization. If you find anything useful, consider buying me a coffee or beer.I don't have any ads; I don't make money from this site. I've used the dns o matic program and also tomato firmware to update a few dns accounts with my current ip, it's worked before, but ain't working now.

It is only updating one single account instead of all of the accounts...

D-Link routers typically support updating dynamic DNS service.

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