Dns reverse lookup not updating

This article still may prove useful to let you know what kinds of records you need.You still may need additional references to look up how to create them if you are not an expert with the DNS server you are managing.There are possibly hundreds, so shop around if you have not found one yet.Many companies, including your own ISP might offer DNS hosting on your behalf, but make sure they offer a web based interface which allows you to have some control over your DNS records and make sure they offer good technical support.However, this article is aimed primarily at readers who will be using a web based DNS hosting service with it's own technical support to help them if they need assistance with their DNS. It is very difficult to run a business with a dynamic home-user Internet plan.If there is no alternative, it might be possible to use something like Dyn DNS to do dynamic DNS hosting, but there are drawbacks this article will not cover.Virtually all DNS Hosting Provider provide a web browser based control interface used to modify your DNS records, and should provide the technical support needed if you get stuck trying to modify any of the DNS records discussed in this article.Some common DNS Hosting providers consist of companies such as Go Daddy, Network Solutions and Dyn DNS to name three.

Or doesn’t, in many cases, leaving the operator of the subnet unable to effectively create PTR records.It’s up to whoever assigns the subnet to also assign control of the reverse zone, or decide not to do so.In the case of subnets smaller than a class C (a 24-bit subnet), RFC 2317 provides a method of delegating control of the PTR records. 192.168.0/24 or, there is no delegation of the reverse zone.This article assumes you have at least one static IP address.