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Instead, we will show you only profiles of eligible singles who themselves are passionate about dogs, whether they are simply doggy parents, have made it their lives’ work to rescue homeless dogs or have recently discovered the joy of dog ownership.Like your own pooch after you’ve been away all day, a fellow dog lover will greet you with a smile and enthusiasm on a first date. Do you know those movies where a girl falls in love with a boy in the exact moment her dad say to he doesn’t approve the relationship? Or at least pretend you do, because we (a dog lover and his dog) are like a package deal: you can’t get one without getting the other.

Or take your pooches for a long, intimate stroll along a dog-friendly beach, letting your toes sink in the sand and the waves wash over your bare feet as you get to know one another. They are loyal and protecting and it is no wonder, with unconditional love like that, that dog lovers tend to live longer than those who refuse to open their hearts to the love of a great canine. Your dog is there to lavish love and affection on you; provide you comfort and companionship.So stop wasting time going on dates with people who simply don’t understand the bond between you and Fido.

You never know; you may just meet that special person who will make your life complete and you’ll gain not only a lover and partner, but perhaps even a canine companion for your own pooch!

You really belong at Meeting Dog Lovers if: your dog is your very best friend in the entire world; or perhaps your furry, four-legged child.

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