Don lemon who is he dating

From his early childhood days, he was interested in journalism and media.Therefore, he joined Brooklyn College where he completed his degree in broadcast journalism.But soon he realized that if people like Phil Robertson, who has a rather anti-gay perspective are given a platform and are celebrated than he and his recently gay proclaimed gay colleagues like Robin Roberts deserved a platform to celebrate as well.Caption: Don Lemon confirms his sexual orientation on air.50 Cent hasn't held back when it comes to Rick Ross' emergency medical situation.After joking about Rick's hospitalization yesterday, 50 returned to IG with a photo many believe to be in reference to Ross' dire health scare. According to new reports, Trump hyped is role in assisting assisting UCLA freshmen Li Angelo Ball, Cody Riley, and Jalen Hill with their shoplifting charges during a team trip to China last fall. Don Lemon is an Emmy-award winning journalist and anchor who is seen hosting various shows on CNN.Despite that, he has worked for NBC as a correspondent and also the host of Weekend Today and MSNBC.

In September 2010, while he was interviewing some young defendants of the Bishop during a Pedophilia lawsuit he mentioned how he, himself was once a victim of a pedophilia.Speaking of Happiness, you would be pleased to know that he is happily married with his boyfriend, John Byrnes.There was also a rumor that his wife was an actress named Elizabeth Ortiz but this has not been proven.Can you imagine if the Obama administration had done this? This isn't the first time Lemon has called out Donald Trump nor is it the first time he has butted heads with the President before.