Dreamweaver template not updating child pages

The first step in replacing an existing template is to make a copy of the outdated template and give it a new name. After you have created a new page design for the site’s new layout, save the new page as a template in Dreamweaver (choose, which will also exist on your new template by default.You do not have to worry about those two, but you need to pay attention to the user created editable regions.When the file itself is opened and revised all the pages applied to the template are linked to the file in the same location as before.All the pages applied to the template are all automatically updated with the new information.Dreamweaver templates When an HTML page is saved as a template, Dreamweaver creates a template folder at the root level of the local root folder and generates a file that becomes the source for all the pages that are applied to it.Every time an HTML page is applied to a template, (File Apply template to page) it creates a site root-relative link to the file.Dreamweaver automatically generates a site root-relative path to the templates in the Templates folder, because it knows exactly where the template will be located, no matter what other file folders exist in the site structure.Document-relative creates a path specific from one file to another.

How do you fix it without having to cut and paste the content from every existing page to a newly designed one?

If you wish to be able to preview your pages in a browser locally, before you have uploaded the files to a remote server, they must be document relative.