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At the age of fourteen, Tara Lipinski became the youngest figure skater to have ever won gold at the Winter Olympics in 1998.As if that wasn't impressive enough, she was also a World Champion and a two-time Grand Prix Final Champion at the peak of her career in the late 90's.""Yea, k, I'm just gonna go change, I'll be right back."I walked to my room and quickly got changed into my pyjamas which basically consisted of a white wife beater and my dark blue pyjama pants that had stars all over them, and then thought about what Ty had said to me. I walked over and lay back down in my prior position.

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A world record holder, Tessa, and Scott are Sat, Hailing from Los Angeles, Kandee Johnson is best known for her make-up themed Youtube channel.After many years of skating on the ice, he announced his retirement in 2013.Since then, he has remained active as a skater through various ice shows such as Champions on Ice and Artistry on Ice.I put a blanket in the lounge and two candles on each table, one at each end of the couch. We lay in silence until Ty broke it."I don't actually just like you," he said gently."Huh? I walked back down and Ty was wearing boxers and not much else."Sorry, its just how I usually sleep," he said going to grab his top."I like you better like that," I said cheekily.