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But in the end, both Marter’s family and friends were supportive of her being cast on “The Real World.” “I was really happy and excited for her,” says Lauryn Kinsella, Marter’s ‘Big Sister’ during their sorority days at Monmouth.“But I wasn’t shocked because I knew they would love her.“It was an intense situation, but obviously I’m still with him, so it worked out,” says Marter while sitting on the steps of Woodrow Wilson Hall at Monmouth University one recent afternoon.Marter, born and raised in a small New Jersey town called Delran, quickly adapted to having cameras filming her every move in Sin City while on the show.

As she steps out of the bathroom, ominous music plays as Zito reveals that he appeared on a gay porn website called “Frat Pad.” “Are you gay? ” asks Marter, tears in her eyes, her hand over her face. “Then I don’t understand,” says Marter, tears in her eyes, her hand over her face. Zito waltzes past Marter as she sits stationary in the bathroom, tears in her eyes, her hand over her face.“I was in a place where I needed to get out and that was my out,” says Zito. They break up, and in the next episode, Zito kisses another roommate, Heather Cooke.At that moment, Zito seemed like the worst gamble that Marter took while living in Sin City.When they weren’t, there were the arguments awash with yelling, cursing, pushing, shoving, and near fighting among themselves.

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    Mar 27, 2012. Dustin Zito, outfitted in a gray sweatshirt, basketball shorts, and a backwards baseball cap, waltzes from the kitchen to a bathroom. during one of the intense, physical challenges that they had to do on the show, Marter was still happy that they were together for three months in the Dominican Republic.…
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