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Culture plays the biggest role in why cocky and aloof don’t work well in Asia.Being mysterious to Westerners is attractive because of our stories, history, and the way our families/society operates – we are much more individualistic.Some of my favourites include imitating her body language in a funny way, for instance by crossing my arms and pretending to pout to mirror her behaviour and get a laugh, or pushing my pointer fingers into the corners of my mouth to make a ridiculous smile that usually makes her smile, too. Go and ask any Western girl if she’s kissed a guy in the club before and she will definitely say yes, whereas many many many Asian girls haven’t.This is because kissing doesn’t mean the same thing in Asia – in the West it’s ‘ok’ to make out with guys in the club, but in Asia doing that would have her labeled a dirty girl.I’ve found that it’s best to keep from going for the make out until I have her back at my place.In the West guys will typically try to ‘one up’ you by talking shit when you’re with girls – it’s straight up school yard game.Asian guys are rarely socially polite, preferring to just walk up and separate you from the girl your with, claiming that it’s his girlfriend, or just physically pull the girl away without a word.

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Depending on the place, kissing in the West isn’t a sure sign that the interaction will lead to sex, but in Asia it is a much better sign that it could, so if an Asian girl is willing to kiss you she is conscious of two things, 1.In the West, when you ‘neg’ a girl you are directly stating what your value is by showing willingness to break rapport.Asians almost never break rapport, they merely become neutral, which has a lot to do with saving face for yourself and the other person involved.If a bunch of Westerns go out to the club and one of the girls meets a guy she likes and is making out with him then the rest of the group won’t judge her too badly for it.

If a bunch of Asians go out to the club together, however, and one of the girls ends up making out with a guy she just met the rest of the group will wonder if she is drunk or a hooker.

Due to the language barrier between Westerners and Asian women, verbal communication often falls short.

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