Eclipse maven updating indexes forever

This scheduled task can be used to drop all these repositories.You can configure the duration of inactivity to include the days after the repositories are dropped as well as the status of the repositories.This task expires the caches causing the repository manager to recheck the remote repository for a proxy repository or the file system for a hosted repository.You can configure the repository or group to be affected with the task setting .Evict Unused Proxied Items From Repository Caches This scheduled task tells the repository manager to delete all proxied items that haven’t been "used" (referenced or retrieved by a client) in a number of days as specified in .

It should not be used any longer, since it has negative impacts on the performance of your Nexus Repository Manager Pro or Nexus Repository Manager OSS as well as Backup npm metadata database A backup archive of the npm metadata database is created in the with a date and time stamp in the filename.This backup is intended to be used for disaster recovery in case the npm metadata database got corrupted.They simply move data to be cleared or evicted to a trash directory under the work directory.

This task deletes the data in this trash directory older than the number of days specified in the task setting .

This task can be used to force updates of repositories that went out of sync.