Ecuadorian naked

If you don’t believe us, note the snake on the left side of the screen around the :40 mark.Here’s the thing about while TV audiences focus on the “naked” part, the participants are much more focused the “afraid.” The past few seasons have included severe injuries and sicknesses, which is to be expected on a show where seasoned survivalists go into extreme locations with only one survival item and a small bag.Days after the arrival of a new team member, division among the remaining six survivalists deepens, as Russell leads the men on a risky two-day hunting expedition.Season 6, Episode 9May 21, 2017Enhanced episode includes additional footage.Season 6, Episode 4April 9, 2017Enhanced episode includes additional footage.A survival instructor and retiree of the armed forces are inserted into the volcano-ravaged island of beginning its third season, meaning that nine new survivalists will be dropped off in Ecuador’s treacherous Amazon basin, 100 miles from the closest city.For 40 days, the participants will struggle to find food, water and shelter in one of the most grueling and unforgiving environments on earth.

Two fans of the show are selected for a special 14-day survival challenge, in which a single mom and an optimistic novice try to survive the wild coast of South Africa.Season 6, Episode 18August 13, 2017Enhanced episode includes additional footage.A hunter from Georgia and a student from California struggle to survive in the thin air of the cloud forest of Ecuador, where they battle torrential rain, deadly spiders and the bushmaster pit viper.Also: a divemaster and a Navy Seal are stranded at sea, facing sharks and heatstroke.

Season 7, Episode 24October 10, 2017An Army mom and a Marine take on alligators and water moccasins in the Florida Everglades.

Season 6, Episode 19August 20, 2017An army veteran and a newlywed take on the Velebit Mountains of Croatia.