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The date of filing will normally be the date of receipt unless the time of receipt is recorded as after 16.00 in which case the date of filing will be the next day the court office is open.If your email does not comply with the requirements of the Practice Direction your documents will be treated as having not been filed and in due course you will be sent a reply stating that it has been rejected and the reasons why.The EPS computer system employs software programs to monitor network traffic to identify attempts to tamper with information, or to otherwise cause damage.

If your case is being handled at an HM Courts & Tribunals Service Business Centre the relevant email contacts will be communicated to you on issue of proceedings at the centre and should be used whilst proceedings remain with the Business Centre.We don’t actually have any names."It’s also not clear how many of the leaked email addresses are legitimate as users don’t have to verify their emails.The Office of the Alberta Information and Privacy Commissioner confirmed that a breach report was submitted by Ashley Madison operator Avid Life Media Inc.For more information, please contact the EPS FOIPP Coordinator at 780-421-3346.

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Back to top If you are a solicitor and have any doubts about the sensitivity of the contents that you intend to email then you should consider signing up to CJS Secure Email (CJSM). CJSM is currently free for civil and family solicitors to sign up to and use, and allows users to securely send and receive information up to and including data that attracts a security marking of Official Sensitive. Emails transmitted via the gsi network and other equivalent secure Government networks, can send and receive from CJSM accounts.