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Griffin produced the equally raucous Shameless for Channel 4 before taking on Skins for series four. (Sample extract: "Cook sniggered, his face sweating – from the heat, from the MDMA. By the time our audience are in their late 20s, I think people will talk about which was Skins generation, like I talk about my Doctor Who." Does he think it's already influential?'Fair enough, Naomikins.' He took a swig of lager and waved the can at us.") Then there's the American remake, which gets the cast riled up, because they're not sure it will work with the stricter US broadcasting rules; and, of course, there's the prospect of a whole new gang for 2011/12 and beyond. The second year means we can tell whatever story we want. "I do, I suppose, but I never quite know who's copying who.It's a thoughtful, heavyweight storyline, and Merv Lukeba, who plays him, is thrilled to be getting more attention. "I've got four sex scenes with four different girls! " Thomas's struggle to fit in and the Naomi-Emily love story suggest that – whisper it!You should have seen the grin on my face when I got the scripts. – Skins is sometimes, kind of, responsible television.Skins fans voted it to victory in the Audience Award category at last year's Baftas, beating The X Factor, Coronation Street and The Apprentice.

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"The best are the boys' ones; you can read them and imagine it! "It's funny." The amount, scope and terrifying imagination of Skins fan fiction is staggering, but E4's teen smash – about to start its fourth series – is the kind of programme that inspires serious dedication.Because I don't think it should be a massive issue." For all its posturing, the outwardly cool, don't-give-a-shit kids aren't necessarily where the heart of Skins lies.Series four kicks off with an episode given over to Thomas, who arrived in Bristol from the Democratic Republic of the Congo at the start of series three.As a result, Emily and Naomi – that's Naomily to brevity-lovers – are now a much bigger part of the show.

"Last year it was a side storyline," confirms Lily Loveless, who plays Naomi, "but this year it's quite important, probably because of the comments on the website." Kat Prescott (Emily) is happy that it's had such a positive impact with the audience.

Tony pops up out of nowhere is is all, "LOL, whoops, made a mistake. The weirdest part though is that he holds Sid's hand for a bit, as if it's like...a threesome in slow dance form?

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    Aug 26, 2014. My love for Skins has absolutely no bounds. Maybe it's the show's humor, its ample cursing, its British accents, or its never ending steam of debauchery of every form. Honestly, it's probably all of those elements put together, because without them, Skins wouldn't be the over-the-top teen drama that I know.…
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    Sophy says Freddie looks around for Effy, yells out insistently, with newfound determination, that he wants to talk to her. I love that. In my mind they've spent their whole lives together, and since Cook never really had a proper family I always imagined he was over all the time and Mrs. McLair was like his second mum.…
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    Sep 27, 2016. Plus, when I rewatched the show, I already knew how the episode would end—nothing could catch me off guard like it did in real life. Effy was my partner in all things mental even when neither of us wanted to admit it. He's unrelentingly watchful of Effy even though she'll always be tied to Freddie.…
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    Mar 12, 2010. Effy wakes up back at the mental hospital with Freddie by her side. The first thing she says is, "I didn't mean what I said to you." Freddie, who hasn't had to shower for the entire fourth series, hushes her. "Shh. It's OK. We're together. We'll be together." They fall asleep holding hands, and Effy's mum wakes.…
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    Jun 30, 2013. Laidback Freddie was the cool dude of Skins series three and four and was played by chiselled actor Luke Pasqualino. Millionaire, directed by Danny Boyle and co-starring the gorgeous Frieda Pinto who he also won over in real life and has been in a relationship with since the 2008 film wrapped.…
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    Freddie is inspired by Prinze Jr.'s real life, growing up in a house filled with women. The friendship between Freddie and Chris in the show was loosely based on Jackson and Freddie's real-life friendship. Freddie makes a date with a hostess from his restaurant on the same night he has agreed to watch Zoey. Luckily.…