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I’ve used this term many times, and had no idea that we get this expression from Christianity! Thomas the Apostle claimed he wouldn’t believe in the resurrection until he actually touched the wounds of Jesus.Jesus understood Thomas’ doubt and invited him to do just that.You can read the entire entry (which includes when it’s from and whole lot more information here.I always wondered about these two, having never looked a horse in the mouth, gift or otherwise. “Working blue” refers to the act of performing this type of material.The nick that was being referred to was a notch or small cut and was synonymous with precision.Such notches were used on ‘tally’ sticks to measure or keep score…Note: the expressions ‘keeping score‘ and ‘keeping tally‘ derive from this and so do ‘stocks‘ and ‘shares‘, which refer to the splitting of such sticks (stocks) along their length and sharing the two matching halves as a record of a deal.While all ten are interesting, I think one is more interesting than the others, so I’ve chosen to highlight the Riot Act.

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The advice given in the ‘don’t look…’ proverb is: when receiving a gift be grateful for what it is; don’t imply you wished for more by assessing its value.Excerpted from this weeks email: As horses develop they grow more teeth and their existing teeth begin to change shape and project further forward.Determining a horse’s age from its teeth is a specialist task, but it can be done.But according to the Gospel of John, Jesus also included this gentle rebuke: On the Merriam-Webster website, one that I visit frequently, they have an area on the site with TOP 10 LISTS.

Today’s origin comes from the Top 10 Words Born in Conflict.

To arrive at pudding time was to arrive at the start of the meal, just in time to eat……That seems a perfectly serviceable idiom, so why did the Tudors change it to ‘the nick of time’?

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