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Borrell was involved in music and the Camden scene while still at school.At 17 he played bass guitar in a band called Violet, who regularly played gigs on the Camden circuit.In early 2003 XFM DJ John Kennedy began to play the band's demos, recorded at Toerag Studios in east London with producers Liam Watson and John Fortis.Razorlight signed to Mercury Records on after the Universal label fought off bids from Sony.After the number 8 single "Golden Touch", their debut album, Up All Night, was released on 28 June 2004, and charted at number 3 in the UK.The critical reception was generally good, receiving good reviews from NME ("Razorlight's debut packs more tunes than Franz [Ferdinand], more spirit than The Strokes and more balls than nearly every band out there right now."), Q magazine, Billboard and Rolling Stone who said “Razorlight's debut is a masterpiece.[Borrell]'s got the golden rock-star mop, the London sneer and a band full of crazy Swedes.

The band were watching a video recording of themselves playing a gig and misheard the ending refrain 'Its alright, it's alright' from the song "In The City" as 'razor-light, razor-light' which was then chosen as the band name.In the Spring of 2005 Razorlight played two sold out shows at London's Alexandra Palace with Noel Fielding from The Mighty Boosh as their support act.Meanwhile, in between-album's single "Somewhere Else" reached number 2 in the UK charts.Razorlight performed "Golden Touch" with a gospel choir in front of the Parkinson studio audience and guest Tom Cruise.

After 2004's constant touring Borrell was placed at No.

When people started to notice the couple and began pointing, she wrapped her scarf around her head so only her eyes were peeping out." As of Daniel, the promising actor was said to find Emma's "new look hysterical and started laughing.