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I drink gin in the warmer months, Scotch in winter. Gum and breath mints are for fags" Why not just drink the booze kids?

And in the third, I went for the "super plus," out of its applicator. I began hopping around and breathing in the rapid, short puffs I'd learned in birth classes, so long ago, before I realized I didn't need to breathe like that if I took the epidural. The right "vehicle" seems as important to the taste and pleasure of the drink as the right amount of ice or mixer. I mean, just think of the sheer logistics of it (Gentlemen, you may want to skip down a paragraph): When you soak the tampon, it enlarges (duh). I read this interview with Dennis Hopper where he was talking about an orgy he was preparing to throw at his house with Natalie Wood.Which is why it never occurred to me until now to serve my drink in a tampon. How then do you reverse engineer it back into its applicator to "toss it back," so to speak? Conclusion First, anyone who tries to get drunk off a tampon deserves the punishment; it's like coughing and throwing up after trying a cigarette. Second, if there is any smidgen of effect, it's notional, and probably only psychological. Apparently he emptied about fifty bottles of champagne into his bathtub and when Natalie got in she immediately jumped out screaming.It drank up a little, maybe half an ounce, before it could hold no more. It looked slightly more engorged at the tip, like it was about to be sick. Conclusion on methodology: My experiment showed me that the soppy, unfurled tampon was the only way to go. I repaired to the bathroom and -- without too much information here -- managed to wad the thing up and push it in where it was supposed to go. Possibly.) Girls, don't do this in your best party dresses: I think I lost another half-ounce in the process as it splattered on to my clothes and the floor.

I tried stirring it around to see if it would seep up a more that way, but it didn't. The Test First I had to wring the damn thing out a little.

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