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godine, preko visa classic karticnog racuna, izvršena je uplata za PES*ELANDONLINE SHOUNING u iznosu od 527,92 CNY.Tom trasnsakcijom sam platio SEGWAY mini pro skuter, te mi do dana danas nije stiglo nikakav izvještaj o kupovini niti o dostavi artikla kojeg sam kupio.I never recieved an email to say that a new supply was on its way and couldn't find anywhere where it said I could cancel it.I emailed them but I am definitely not holding my breath that they will ever get back to me.

Got a debit from my credit card that a .95 was charged from Krauser Series LLC which I never did any transaction in that company.It never said anywhere in the small print that I would be buying a recurring monthly supply.I ordered a "free" trial bottle of that Garcinia Plus crappy weightloss product.I tried to call and sent email so many times but the system denied and message did not sent through.