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The lower our emotional health, the more rigidly we adhere to type.In exploring the Enneagram and learning about our preferred type, we learn more about ourselves, about the gifts and limitations of our type, and about the likely nature of our relationships with others.The latter is a distortion of the former: as our personality develops, so we move away from our pure ‘essence’.

The unified field of Presence, it turns out, integrates and heals.One Nine, a firefighter, realized he was too involved in his fire station when he spent an entire weekend volunteering to install a new alarm system.Nines gift our collective consciousness with the healing power of peace.The nine personality types describe what our core motivations and beliefs are and taken together they provide us with a map of how to see ourselves and one another more clearly.

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    One Nine reported a rude awakening when she discovered, “Ever since we began dating 35 years ago, I've been quietly riding in the passenger seat of my husband's life!” In the social arena, Nines remain asleep, somewhat ironically, through lots of activity. Carried along by a group's energy, goals, and needs, the Nine.…