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Users will still be able to view their vaulted emails during these hours.If you don’t see the Enterprise Vault tab email Do IT.e [email protected] contact the IT Service Desk at 800-366-8768. They can be accessed by clicking on the "Search Vaults" button located under the Enterprise Vault tab.Enterprise Vault 11.0.1 further stabilized the search and Enterprise Vault 12.0 improved the look and usability including allowing the option of the UK date format that frustrated many of our UK clients.Enterprise Vault 12.1 sees improvements to the Outlook Add-in and OWA tie-ins and enhancements have been made within the search to the toolbar and icons.Outlook 2013/2010 Outlook 2007 This is because your folder structure from your PSTs (if you had them) is now part of your Outlook mailbox and no longer a separate file on your network home drive.It may appear to be in a different order which is caused by folders being alphabetically aligned.While in "Search Vaults" you can highlight the mail items you want to delete, right click and click Delete.

In addition to this, mail will be moved sooner when the mailbox reaches 85% capacity.With Veritas recognising that Enterprise Vault is less and less frequently used reducing storage footprints, due to storage becoming more affordable, they are focussing their efforts on producing the best e Discovery platforms available.The great power of Enterprise Vault is that items are not only archived but are indexed and fully searchable.You can also use the Search Vault feature located in the same location.

The folder structure is presented within Outlook for you to copy future messages.

Please review those policies and legal procedures with your supervisor before proceeding with Archive Vault deletions.

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    Jan 31, 2018. This process populates the AutoSecurityDesc column within the SQL Server Root table for each folder associated with the Archive. In order to build the folder view for AE, a security check of each folder in the archive is made. In some cases Enterprise Vault EV may not retrieve security information on a.…