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(212) updated to reflect that one must become familiar with Publication 4299 and Publication 4557, Safeguarding Taxpayer Data: A Guide for Your Business so that they can provide assistance to partners.(213) territory offices must consider past performance, hours of access, and availability of volunteers when making equipment allocation decisions.VTA messages have proven to be a useful educational tool and are most valuable when delivered immediately to their intended audience, SPEC VITA and TCE partners and their certified volunteers.VTAs must be distributed as quickly as possible to sites and volunteers.(81) paragraph 4 added (subsequent paragraphs renumbered); paragraph 6 revised by removing reference to entering data into SPECTRM; added paragraph 8 ( subsequent paragraphs renumbered).

Subsections added under Program Scope and Objectives applicable to this program include: and the reorganization of the IRM, several subsections were renumbered.

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