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As we sat down on our towels, Kellie looked intently at me and said, “Hey Ron, I’m sorry about the way I looked at you, Sandy just surprised me with her stupid comment, please don’t stop being my friend, I will be very sad if you stop liking me.” I could see tears in her eyes, so kind of shrugged and said that I still liked her and she would always be my friend.Then she did something that none of the girls had ever done before, she leaned over against me and kissed me on the cheek.And besides, this is the last weekend of the season, the camp closes tomorrow and we won’t be back until next spring, so come on, let’s go see Kellie before she comes looking for you.” I reluctantly followed him back to the swimming area, and just before we stepped out of the trail, Kellie, Kerrie and Nancy joined us.Kellie grabbed my arm and pulled me away from Dad and off to where the kids usually hung out.

I knew they would, after all, all the adult women had breasts, so it wasn’t any revelation that the girls would start to grow them at some point. The girls didn’t say anything about it, although I did overhear Nancy and Kerrie talking one evening, saying that it wasn’t fair that Kellie already had really good sized breasts while they were still just starting to get enlarged nipples.“Ron, you don’t have to hide it, it is nothing to be ashamed of.Mom says it is normal and warned me that it would happen and not to make a big deal about it,” said Kellie with a reassuring smile.It wasn’t that I was bothered by being nude, my philosophy was that I was born naked and that must be how god intended for me to spend my time, it was only narrow minded prudish people that demanded we wear clothes.

Up to a few months after my twelfth birthday, I couldn’t wait to get to the resort and get rid of my clothes, staying naked from the moment we arrived inside the gate until Mom would insist that I simply couldn’t ride home in the car while naked.

It was then that I decided to take closer notice at how big Kellie’s tits were as compared with Nancy and Kerrie’s.

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