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Once you've selected the schema file and clicked the OK button, eclipse sets the Key type: value to "Namepsace name" in the XML Catalog Element dialogue because it recognizes that the schema defines a namespace.This in turn a) means it successfully found and opened the file, and b) saves you the trouble of cutting and pasting the namespace into the Key: box.This namespace holds attributes and elements that are part of the XML Schema language.In fact, we don't use any of those in this label, and the part can be removed if you like.- Q3 Is it possible to validate an XML string without reading from disk? Relevant error output (omitting warning about required custom error handler): import XML Catalog files provide a map from logical references in the schema and label files to physical copies of the defining PDS4 schemas that you've stashed in a directory somewhere on your system.

If your a program that wants to, for example, validate the content that follows, you'd better be able to find and read the schema document(s) that defines that namespace.We want to add a reference to the PDS4 master schema which we know is in our current workspace, so click the Workspace button, navigate down into the Schema folder and select the PDS4_PDS_0800file. button and select the file by navigating to it in the usual way.Either method will work, the point being that you can have a local schema repository that is not part of your personal workspace - a handy thing for group development.) It does matter which of the files you select.XML Catalog information is configured as one of the items in the Window- Eclipse maintains the XML catalog internally, so we'll be adding single entries to it via this dialogue box.

We're doing straightforward mappings, so select Catalog Entry from the top of the column of icons on the left.

The symptoms are these: After some googling, I found out that this is indeed related to Eclipse and not an error in the Mule configuration.

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